Use Case

onAirVR opens up the possibility of new VR experience. Get insight into how various applications are using our products.

Circle VR

By MR Media Lab of Hongik University and Clicked, Inc.

This VR museum, installed at Hongik University in Republic of Korea, consists of onAirVR clients with Samsung GearVR + Galaxy S8 which positions are tracked by HTC Vive Trackers. People can watch what experients in VR museum see through a circularly arranged displays.

Space Walker

By Clicked, Inc.

In Unite 2017 Seoul, a dancer wearing a set of Neuron Perception by Noitom performed on the keynote stage. Other people was able to watch the performance through an onAirVR client, or the projection screen on the stage.

SF2015 - Seokguram Walking VR Attraction

By Music & Audio Research Group of Seoul National Univ. and Clicked, Inc.

This is a VR attraction where people can take a walk around a Korean great heritage, Seokguram. Provided by Music & Audio Research Group of Seoul National University, their ultrasonic positional tracking system tracks the positions of onAirVR clients.

The Extreme Latte

By BIRDMAN Inc and Clicked, Inc.

As a promotion event of a new drink from Suntory, people cross the bridge on a snow mountain while putting onAirVR clients with Samsung GearVR. Microsoft Kinect tracks a person's position on the 10 meters-long bridge.